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Our wide range of vacation options span the globe! Whether you're looking to bike your way across the Tuscan countryside or drench yourself in the spray of an Icelandic waterfall, go-today has a vacation package for you. Hotels and round-trip airfare are included in most of our packages, but be sure to check the inclusions before booking.

City Getaways - Breathe in the culture and history of some of the world's most miraculous cities. Experience the centers of once-thriving medieval empires, open your eyes to spectacular vistas, and marvel at the manifestations of artistic expression all across the globe.

Fly & Drives - With these packages, you're in the driver's seat - literally! Pick up your rental car at the airport and head out on the open road with nothing but a map and your sense of adventure to guide you. Choose the routes and accommodations that appeal to you. These packages include only air and car rental, while Self-Drives also include hotels.

Food & Wine - Expand your culinary horizons with these vacations designed to introduce you to the foods and wines of various regions around the world. From Cape Town to Burgundy, sit back and let your taste buds do the traveling.

Holiday - Give the gift of travel for the holidays to yourself or someone you love. Explore Germany's Christmas markets or spend Thanksgiving in London, Paris, Barcelona, or Rome. These festive getaways will bring a sparkle to any holiday season.

Honeymoon & Romance - Celebrate the romantic occasions in your life - or create new ones - with these indulgent packages to fairytale locations all over the world.

Multi-City & Country - Can't decide on a single destination? No problem! These packages let you experience multiple cultures in one unforgettable trip. Experience the pace of life Amsterdam and Reykjavik, or immerse yourself in all things Italian with a trip to Venice, Florence, and Rome. Customize your trip to make it exactly what you want.

Safari & Adventure - Get up-close-and-personal with the kinds of majestic creatures that most people only see in films and photographs. These packages, which include adventure excursions, will take you straight into South Africa's wild and wonderful backyard.
You can use our left navigation to find the vacation package of your choice by destination or by type. If you would like to customize your own vacation, go to our advanced search.
For more information on our destinations, please visit the Travel Guide section on our website.
There are numerous ways to customize your vacation with go-today; from upgrades, extending your vacation, activities, and more! You can modify online or call our reservations department at (800) 227-3235.

Customize Online
While you are pricing your vacation package online you may come across several ways to customize your vacation.

Upgrade Options: If available we will offer you the chance to upgrade components of your vacation package.

Optional Travel Extras: We will recommend our most popular Travel Extras for you to add to your vacation package; including activities, theater and much more!

Extending Your Stay: You may extend your hotel, car rental, and/or return flight to maximize your vacation.

Call to Customize
Our friendly reservations staff is standing by to customize your vacation for you and answer any questions you may have. Call us at (800) 227-3235. If you prefer you may email us as well.
All airline tickets are subject to foreign and domestic government taxes which include security charges, the September 11th Security Fee, airport facility charges, customs and immigration fees, inspection fees and more. The total of these taxes vary, but usually run between $50 and $200 per passenger and are collected by go-today. View our airport tax details for more information. Airport taxes & fees are included in the package price. These taxes and fees may vary prior to airline tickets being issued. We reserve the right to amend the airport taxes & fees to reflect any changes prior to ticketing.
Our vacation packages do not offer child discounts. Package pricing is based on double occupancy, with the room cost or car cost divided by two people. Families traveling with one child can be accommodated in a triple room. Families with two children will require two rooms.
Any items of a personal nature including but not limited to: phone calls, tips, laundry, beverages, meals not stated, taxi and bus fares, passport and visa fees. Please also read about possible baggage charges that may be imposed by the airline.


Two star
These hotels offer clean basic accommodations. Dining on site is usually limited to coffee and continental breakfast. There is often limited assistance with baggage. Facilities on site are normally limited. Rooms are generally small and all include private bathroom.

Three star
These hotels offer adequate levels of comfort and service. Typically located near city attractions, this class of hotel normally offers more extensive amenities. Luggage service may be provided and all include a private bathroom.

Three and a half star
This category of hotel is recommended for the best value. These hotels are selected for their location, character and value. The amenities of these hotels are typically better than our tourist category. All include a private bathroom.

Four star
These hotels are normally located in incomparable locations. Many have spacious rooms, unique decor and baggage service. There is often a wide variety of amenities. All include a private bathroom.

Five star
These properties are of the highest standard. The accommodations, service and location are unsurpassed. Many offer gourmet dining, fine bedding and other amenities. The guest rooms offer ample space and all include a private bath.
Rooms are assigned by the hotel at the time of check-in. Requests for specific room types; non-smoking, specific locations; street view, high floor etc. can be requested at the time of reservation but are not guaranteed. Room types or special requests cannot be made or changed after a hotel is confirmed.
All of the accommodations we offer provide private bathroom facilities that include sink, toilet, tub and/or shower. Room types and sizes vary depending on the destination. In Europe room sizes are generally much smaller than American hotels. Single rooms are usually smaller in size than twins and doubles and have one small bed. Triples are usually a standard twin/double plus a roll away or sofa bed. Here is a general guideline for bed types:

Double: 1 double bed which sleeps 2
Twin: 2 twin beds which sleeps 1 in each
Single: 1 single or twin bed which sleeps 1
Triple: 3 twin beds which sleeps 1 in each or 1 double which sleeps 2 and 1 roll away or sofa bed which sleeps 1
Queen and/or king beds are not offered in any category.

Upgrades to superior rooms, executive rooms or suites are not available unless specified under the description of the package.
Please note that check-in at hotels is not guaranteed before 2:00p.m. Since most arrivals are before this time many hotels provide secure storage for your luggage until your room is ready. Standard check-out time is 11:00a.m.
Note: Room sizes will vary depending on your travel destination. Hotels around the world generally have a smaller room size than American hotels. Hotels in Europe are also much different than hotels in South America, so please plan accordingly.


Business and first class fares are now available at your fingertips. Please note that the additional cost for these fares begin at $2500.00 to $5000.00 per person to the package prices. Frequent flyer miles and/or airline coupons CANNOT be used in conjunction with our airfares for the purpose of upgrades.
Generally speaking airlines do not offer frequent flyer miles in conjunction with our discounted tickets. You may inquire directly with the air carrier as to whether frequent flyer miles may be accrued. Go-today is unable to assist in obtaining miles or credits from the air carrier.
Yes. You may submit your seat request during the booking process. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Please feel free to contact the airline directly if we are unable to confirm the seating you prefer.
Yes. You may submit your meal request during the booking process. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Please feel free to contact the airline directly if we are unable to confirm the meal you prefer.
We offer air with a minimum of two nights hotel stay.
Yes, airline-imposed baggage fees may apply and be due at the airport; please consult your airline prior to departure for the latest fees. Please refer to the baggage fees page for a list of commonly used airlines and links to their websites.

Because of changes in restrictions and security concerns, individual carriers flights within Europe, Asia and/or Central & South America can have different baggage restrictions than international carriers. These flights tend to be more restrictive on baggage weight and luggage size than international flight guidelines and could result in excess baggage charges. In order to make your flights as pleasant as possible, it is important that you check each carrier's baggage restrictions prior to flying.

Travel Extras

Our Travel Extras include sightseeing tours, entrance fees to attractions, local transport passes and more.

Sightseeing: Our sightseeing options range from an hour excursion to full day tours. Sightseeing tours will take you to some of the cities best sites and give you a better understanding of the local culture and history.

Transfers: We offer transfers to your hotel or city center from the airport. We offer travel by shared minibus, private car or rail. You choose which mode of transportation will best fit your vacation.
While booking your vacation package you may be offered specific optional travel extras selected for your vacation.
If Travel Extras are available for you to add to your booking online, you will see an Add Travel Extras link when you check your reservation. You can also call us at (800) 227-3235 and we will add Travel Extras for you.

Travel Insurance

Go-today does not directly sell Travel Insurance, however we have partnered with Allianz to help you insure your trip. Ask your Reservations Agent at the time of booking for a quote or more information.
Travel Insurance is protection from the unexpected. With travel insurance you'll be able to recover some of your out-of-pocket expenses if you are unable to travel due to illness or other covered reasons. Allianz can also assist if you've missed a flight or the airlines have lost your luggage. Protect your investment!
We highly recommend Travel Insurance for all travelers. Travel insurance can help with unanticipated travel delays, bad weather, lost luggage, medical emergencies in foreign countries and more.
Ask your Reservations Agent at the time of booking to add travel insurance to your vacation.
Travel insurance needs to be purchased when booking your vacation. To add travel insurance to your trip please ask your Reservations Agent for a quote at time of booking.


Europe Express works exclusively with Enterprise, the largest transportation solutions provider.
Yes, our rate includes the car and VAT taxes. All other fees, included but not limited to drop fees, Convenience Options, Safety Options, location service charge, vehicle licensing fee, airport surcharges and road taxes will be charged locally.
On most rentals the minimum age is 25 without an additional Age Differential Charge, and 21 with an additional Age Differential Charge (to be paid locally). However, this can vary by country.
Some countries require the presentation of an International Driver's License along with a valid license from your country of residence.
Within the same country most cars are able to be picked up and dropped off at different locations. If drop fees are required, they must be paid locally and cannot be prepaid.
This varies from country to country and restrictions apply. Please email or call one of our Travel Professionals to get exact details.
Yes, depending on the car type and location you will be charged a nonwaivable deductible should damage to the car occur.


Rail tickets can be issued either via paper tickets or as 'E-Tickets'.

Paper Rail tickets: These will be physical rail tickets. You will need to present these tickets upon check in at the train station.

Rail tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Tickets that are lost or stolen will have to be repurchased. Under no circumstances should you mark or cut paper rail tickets. Any alterations made to the paper tickets may result in the tickets being not valid.

'E-ticket': There are a few types of 'E-Tickets' and depending on the type of train that is booked you may receive one or all of the following:
  • Print At Station E-ticket: These tickets will have instructions on how to print your tickets locally. Normally they will have a PNR number that you will enter at the kiosk to retrieve your ticket.
  • Print At Home E-ticket: These tickets will be in PDF form and will be emailed or shipped depending on your shipping method. These ticket(s) must be taken presented to board the train.
  • .Italo Eticket: "Italo" (NTV Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori) trains will only be issued our company voucher and will be all you need to board the train, simply board your train and take your seat. The conductor will come by sometime during your journey and check your PNR and ID.
Notes: The date listed on the tickets is in the DD/MM/YY, for example: 20/10/18, format and the time is based on the 24-hour clock. If your tickets include a seat reservation, note that "Coach" refers to your car number, not the class of service you are booked in. Your tickets will also show your seat numbers.

IMPORTANT: Each city has multiple train station locations and it is vital that you board and exit the station noted on your ticket or voucher.

Rail Passes: Rail passes do not guarantee that you will have a seat on a train. Many local trains do not require an advance seat reservation and you can board the train without one. On many of the high-speed trains, international trains and night trains, it is mandatory to reserve a seat in advance. There is an extra fee for reserving a seat. In order to determine if you require an advance seat reservation, check the Eurail timetable for the exact type of train available for your routing or call one of our experienced agents.
Many Americans, familiar with the huge difference between first and coach class seating on airplanes, are surprised to see how small the difference is on European trains.

Second class is plenty comfortable.

First class is often less crowded, has wider seats and aisles, and is more likely to have amenities such as air-conditioning and power outlets. Many first-class travelers are business people looking to get work done.

The main difference between first and second class is the spacing. Second class usually has 2 seats/aisle/2 seats, and first class will be 2 seats/aisle/1 seat giving the first class seating more room.
We do ticket rail based on booking windows, which can vary between 6 months and 3 weeks prior to your departure date. Once your rail ticket is issued, times will be confirmed and updated in your reservation.